Fear of the unknown is one of the most powerful motivators. Many people who need Chiropractic care, and would like to try it, have avoided doing so because they know very little about it. Even those who have been to a chiropractor before are reluctant to try a new one because they don’t know anything about the local chiropractors. To help you overcome any reluctance you may have due to fear of the unknown, we have created this short tour of our office. We want you to feel as welcome and comfortable as possible with your first visit to our office, so take a look around.

Front Door:

We are located at 719 Sleater Kinney Rd SE, Suite 130, at South Sound Center, behind Kohls and to the right of PetSmart.

As you come in the entrance, the front desk and receptionist are directly in front of you.Just stop at the front desk and check in with Kari.

Check in:

We use electronic medical records, so Kari will help you check in at our computer kiosk.

Reception area:

Then have a seat in our reception area.

Fresh coffee is available.


When she finishes your paperwork, Kari will escort you down the hallway to…

The Exam Room:

Where the Doctor will do your consultation and take your history, to understand what brought you in to see us, and determine if yours is a problem he can help you with. Then he will use the latest methods and technology to examine your spine, and determine what should be done to best serve your healthcare needs.

The Treatment Room:

Treatments are performed on a Zenith Thompson Table, a very versatile machine that makes the treatments easy for both the patient and the doctor.

 Massage Room:


Massage is available at our office, by itself or together with your chiropractic treatment.

First time massage clients may have a one hour relaxation massage for only $39!

The Ideal Weight & Health Center

Our weight loss program is administered out of this office.

To learn more about the Doctor, our staff, and our massage therapist, go to the Home page, click on the About Us tab. In the drop down list you will find Meet the Doctor and Our Wellness Partners.