“My son was diagnosed with scoliosis during a routine screening at his school. Having remembered the torturous devices worn by classmates in high school, I immediately became concerned and scheduled an appointment with a pediatrician. I was stunned to find out that the attitude of the pediatrician, and subsequently our family practice doctor was “wait and see how bad it gets” and then we will use interventions. As I like to employ prevention when possible, I researched this disorder. There was remarkably little information on dealing with scoliosis, but lots of information on the affects. further, my son was already an established athlete and also desired to serve an enlistment in the military when he was an adult. Scoliosis would prevent him from achieving varsity levels of competition and military service should it worsen.

Out of frustration, I mentioned to Dr. Friedly that I didn’t know what to do about this disorder and was delighted to find out that chiropractors actually have preventative measures and that Dr. Friedly was well researched in this area. I brought my son in for an appointment and consultation. Throughout the following years, Dr. Friedly encouraged exercises, athletic participation and taught spinal health to my son while keeping adjustments on a schedule that we could easily accommodate and afford.

My son is now an adult and has no detectable scoliosis! Prevention and close monitoring had strengthened his back and allowed his spine to develop normally. My son was able to achieve his goals. He was a varsity athlete all through high school and was accepted into a the military as he was mentally AND physically capable. Thank you, Dr. Friedly.”

– S. Robinson

“Since beginning treatment with Dr. Friedly, I move more freely especially bending. I do not have the intense lower back pain that I once suffered with daily. Walking is easier and standing all day on my job, without burning legs, is great.”

– A. Schnebly

“I had constant neck and shoulder pain. Since I began treatment with Dr. Friedly I rarely have pain. Dr. Friedly also helped me with my rotator cuff injury, and gave me some ergonomic suggestions so that I wouldn’t aggravate my shoulder at work.”

– L. Hart

“I have just completed the second phase of my treatment program to bring about and maintain good spinal health. My reason for entering into this program was to improve my range of motion at this special time in life…age related. Doctor and I see promising improvements, more rapidly than we expected.”

– A. Kover

“After having major surgery on my hip, I walked with a limp for several weeks. The hip healed completely, but my gait had been altered, causing pain in my spine. When I came to Dr. Friedly for an exam and x-rays, the vertebrae in my lower back had a distinct curve. Dr. Friedly began treatment, and after the very first adjustment I walked out of his office without a limp. From that time on my treatment has resulted in less pain and drastic improvement in my gait. Thank God for Dr. Howard Friedly.”

– L. Berndson

“My name is Keahaulani and I’ve had very good and surprising results from my experience at Dr. Friedly’s office. Before I started seeing Dr. Friedly I had migraine headaches and mild to moderate low back pain, but since I’ve follwed up with my adjustments and my exercises, my migraines have not come back and my back feels so good that I feel my posture and even my attitude have improved.”

-K. Miller

“When I first came in to see Dr. Friedly I was in a lot of pain. I was taking 6 to 8 hydrocodone a day. When I started treatment I felt some relief right away, but it would come back after a while. This was my last chance to get rid of the pain before submitting to surgery. As the treatment went on I got better and better. Now I might take 2 pain pills a week. When I first started my toes were completely numb. Now I’ve gotten some feeling back in my toes. I feel a thousand times better.

– J. Swing


“I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent care and service I have received from all of you.

I came to you roughly two months ago, suffering constant low back pain for no apparent reason.  After the slightest physical activity I would experience aching and pinching sensations in my back for days.

You have set up a corrective plan for me and I’ve been coming to see you regularly since then.  In the last two weeks, I’ve torn out a large old rock garden, including moving several yards of dirt and hundreds of landscaping rocks.  Then I rebuilt a new one with retaining stones (I used 108 of them, each weighing 28pounds), which I first had to unload from my truck and stack.

I have so much energy now, and my physical condition allows me to do anything I want.  My neighbors all come over and comment about how much work I’ve been doing and ask, ‘Aren’t you in pain???’

I tell them ‘Nope, I feel great’ and give them your name of course.

So thank you Dr. Friedly and staff.  I can’t tell you what a positive change you’ve made in my every day life!”

-N. Sackett